CELP Director

Jon Lovett

Dr Jon Lovett

BA (Oxon), PhD (Wales)

Jon C. Lovett is Director of the Centre for Ecology, Law and Policy, and Chair in Global Challenges in School of Geography at the University of Leeds in the UK.

He was on the Programme Advisory Committee for the Natural Resources Systems Programme of the UK Department for International Development (1999-2006) and Senior Advisor to the Lower Kihansi Hydropower Environmental Monitoring and Catchment Management Projects, Tanzania (1996-2002). From 1996 to 1997 he was on the joint Economic and Social Science Research Council and Natural Environment Research Council committee on environmental economics and was responsible for preparing the policy report reviewing provision of advanced courses in environmental economics, environmental evaluation and risk assessment. He is associate editor of the African Journal of Ecology.

He has spent more than 12 years living and working in developing countries on a wide range of projects and has published extensively on natural resource management. His current research is focused on the broader implications of climate change, including the impacts of a shift to biofuels, and the institutional economics of decentralised community management of forests. He has lead and participated in numerous externally funded projects with support from the EU, research councils, government development agencies, non-governmental organisations and industry.