CELP Members

Neil Carter

Prof. Neil Carter

BA (Durham), PhD (Bath)

Neil Carter is interested in all aspects of environmental politics and policy. The second edition of his book, The Politics of the Environment, was published in 2007. He has been awarded an ESRC grant of over £92,000 (with Dr Charlotte Burns) for a project titled ‘Is the European parliament an Environmental Champion?’ He is a founding member of the Centre for Ecology, Law and Policy at the University of York. Neil Carter also has a strong interest in British politics, particularly in political parties and elections, and in participatory democracy. Neil has been joint editor of Environmental Politics since 1997.

Meg Huby

Dr Meg Huby

BA (Open), BSc (East Anglia), DPhil (York)

Meg Huby began her career as a biologist, studying the ecology of coal tips in South Yorkshire and tropical rainforests in South East Asia. Recognising the essential links between environmental and social problems she worked on research projects in politics and economics before finally moving into social policy. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the University of York, working to link the ideas of sustainable development and social exclusion. She has recently developed an environment domain for a Childhood Well-being Index and is now leading a research project on social and environmental inequalities in rural England www.sei.se/relu.

Colin McClean

Dr Colin McClean

BSc (Edinburgh), PhD (Durham)

Colin McClean's interests lie in the application of GIS to the study of spatial processes in the environment across a range of scales, attempting to overcome the associated data uncertainty problems. His current research includes modelling climate change impacts on plant diversity - in African continent and in the UK.