Forthcoming Publications

Journal Articles

  • Carter, N. 2008. Combating Climate Change in the UK: Challenges and Obstacles. Political Quarterly, (forthcoming).
  • Carter, N. 2008. The Green Party: Emerging from the Political Wilderness? British Politics, 3 (forthcoming).
  • Frantzi, S., Carter, N. and Lovett, J. 2008. Exploring Discourses on International Environmental Regime Effectiveness with Q Methodology: A Case Study Of The Mediterranean Action Plan. Journal of Environmental Management, (forthcoming) (already published on line).
  • Ockwell, D. 2008. Energy and economic growth: grounding our understanding in physical reality. Forthcoming in Energy Policy
  • Ockwell, D., Watson, J., MacKerron, G., Pal, P., and Yamin, F. 2007. Key policy considerations for facilitating low carbon technology transfer to developing countries. Forthcoming in Energy Policy