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Canarium madagascariense Engl.
subsp. madagascariense


Syn. FTEA: NC.
Syn. TTCL: C. liebertianum Engl.
Syn. other: NR.
Local names: Mbani, Mpafu (Sw).
Bole: Straight. Large.
Bark: Grey. Rough.
Slash: NR.
Leaf: Odd-pinnate. 50 cm long. Lflts: 9 - 11 (- 19).
Petiole: 5 cm. Petiolules: 1.1 cm.
Lamina: Medium. 15 (- 18) × 4 (- 5.5) cm. Oblong. Cordate. Acute/acuminate. Entire. Glabrous above/hairy below.
Domatia: NR.
Glands: NR.
Stipules: Present. Falling.
Thorns & Spines: Absent.
Flower: White. Panicles.
Fruit: Purple. Ellipsoid. 4cm long, 2 cm wide.
Ecology: Submontane forests. Pioneer.
Distr: C, EA (WUs). Mozambique, Madagascar.
Notes: The local name Mbani means incense tree.
Uses: The wood is soft and used for timber, firewood, charcoal and veneer. The tree is used as an ornamental and for shade. The bark produces resin which is used for incense. Fruits are edible.


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