Recent CELP projects include:

Darwin Mexico La Primavera Project

Great Pandas and Climate Change

Innovative Tools and Techniques for Sustainable Use of Shea Tree in Sudano-Sahelian Zone (INNOVKAR Project)

Is European Parliament an Environmental Champion? a project examining the environmental record of the European Parliament.

New Labour, New Environment? An Analysis of the Labour Government’s Policy on Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss

Common Pool Resources research based in four continents

Fire Management in the Australian Tropics focusing on policy options and discourse analysis

Mapping plant species diversity in sub Saharan African using the WORLDMAP program

Tanzanian Law: digitising Tanzanian Laws

Bioclimatic Modelling focusing on the possible affects of climate change on butterflies in Madagascar and plants in Southern Africa.

The ecology and management of Tanzanian Forests presents information on forest reserves and coastal forests in Tanzania and a guide to the trees of Tanzania.

Last Updated: 3 May 2019