Atlas of predictive bioclimate models for rare Madagascan butterflies

Prepared by Dr D.C. Lees

These images show climate centred on c.1945-1950 (CRES data), overlaid with 1999 forest cover. Distributional points in black (or red). Convex hull wrapped around points as thin black line. Bioclimate envelopes for 1 grid model in light pink, 1+2 grid model in light blue, 1+2+3 grid model in pale green, 1-4 grid model in darker green. 1999 primary forest based on Mayaux et al. 1999 cover, in darker “shadowed” colour (inside climate envelope) or grey (outside climate envelopes).

Dark green envelopes have highest probability and most reliable, highest of all where they overlap with forest (nearly all species here are thought to be primary forest-dependent, sometimes occurring in marginal habitats, although habitat models were not built in this analysis).

Maps sorted by genus then species:

Antanartia hippomene madagassorum

Calaenorrhinnus humbloti

Papilo grosesmithi

Saribia decaryi

Tagiades samborana rana

Uranothauna artenenes

Last Updated: 5 July 2017