The Forests of Coast Region

Lindi Region is the largest and least known of the three regions covered by the Status Reports. Although most of the forest reserves in Lindi Region can be expected to contain Coastal Forest, only the six forest reserves covered by this volume of the Status Reports, together with Pindiro Forest Reserve, Ngarama Forest Reserve, Nyangamara forest, and the forest patches in the Selous Game Reserve and Matumbi Hills have been recently visited by biologists. Many other forest patches must exist, both within and outside the formal protection of Forest Reserves.

The fauna and flora of Lindi Region is still poorly known, and most species records are from the detailed collections of a few scientists, in particular by Busse, Schlieben, Loveridge, Ionides and Vollesen. In spite of being under collected, Lindi Region is acknowledged to be rich in endemic species, especially reptiles, plants and amphibians. It is for this reason that Status Reports for Ruawa and Ndimba Forest Reserves have been included in this volume, even though these forests have been only briefly visited by the Frontier-Tanzania Coastal Forest Research Programme.

These reports follow a similar format to the “Management Summaries” as used in the Forest Reserve section of this site. The more detailed information on the biological values of the forest has been included and the “Management Proposals” section has been replaced with a commentary on the conservation issues relevant to each forest.

The suggested citation for these reports is: Clarke, G.P. & Dickinson, A. (1995) Status Reports for 11 Coastal forests in Coast Region, Tanzania. Frontier Technical Report No. 17. The Society for Environmental Exploration, U.K./University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The .pdf files are not yet available and will be put in place as soon as we have received them.

Kazimzumbwi Forest Reserve

Kisiju Forest Reserve

Kiwengoma Forest Reserve

Mchungu Forest Reserve

Mrora Forest Reserve, Mafia Island

Namakutwa-Nyamuete Forest Reserve

Pugu Forest Reserve

Ruvu North Forest Reserve

Ruvu South Forest Reserve

Vikindu Forest Reserve

Zaraninge (Kiono) Forest Reserve

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Last Updated: 21 March 2017