Cumulative Dataset

Species Diversity

The Protea dataset covers 400 1-degree grid cells out of the total 2169 of sub-Saharan Africa. 143 Protea taxa are mapped, creating a total cover of 1204 records.

Both Species Diversity and Endemism are highest in South Africa with a distribution found in Mozambique and across Eastern Africa up to Ethiopia. There are also records in West Africa in Nigeria across to The Gambia

Range Size Rarity (endemism)

The top hotspots are at the southern tip of South Africa.

Data Source

10 Main Hotspots

The sources of the Protea distribution are:

Rourke.J.P. (1982) The Proteas of Southern Africa. Centaur Publishers. Johannesburg.

Beard J. S. (1993) The Proteas of Tropical Africa; Kangaroo Press


Last Updated: 1 February 2019