Kenyan Trees, Shrubs and Lianas

Cumulative Dataset

Species Diversity

The Kenyan trees, shrubs and lianas dataset covers 72 1-degree grid cells out of the total 2169 of sub-Saharan Africa. 1299 taxa are mapped, creating a total cover of 12023 records.

Range Size Rarity (endemism)

Both Species Diversity and Endemism are in southern Kenya, centred around Mombassa. Aside from this, species diversity and endemism seems to be greatest in areas in and around the rift valley system.

10 Main Hotspots

The top 2 major hotspots are in southern Kenya. The remaining 8 hotspots appear to gradually decrease in importance as they follow the rift valley system north-westwards.

Data Source

The source of the Kenyan distribution data is:

Beentje, H. (1994) Kenya Trees, Shrubs and Lianas. National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya.

Trees shrubs and lianas are broadly defined in the above study simply as:

“Larger woody plants of Kenya”

Last Updated: 18 December 2018