Northeastern Tropical African forest trees

Cumulative Dataset

Species Diversity

The northeast tropical Africa forest tree dataset covers 131 1-degree grid cells out of the total 2169 of sub-Saharan Africa. 256 forest taxa are mapped, creating a total cover of 2691 records.

Range Size Rarity (endemism)

Both Species Diversity and Endemism are centred around the population centre of Gore, situated in the southwest of Ethiopia. Somalia and Djibouti have comparatively low levels of species diversity. However, a second centre of endemism can be seen in southern Somalia.

10 Main Hotspots

The top 2 major hotspots are in southwest Ethiopia, with the 8 remaining hotspots clustered within Ethiopia on mainly highland areas.

Data Source

The Northeast Africa forest tree dataset comes from:

Friis, I. (1992) Forests & Forest Trees of Northeast Tropical Africa. Kew Botanic Gardens, Kew. Kew Bulletin Additional Series XV. HMSO, London.

Trees are defined in the above study as:

“Woody plants which possess a definite main trunk, and which reach a height of 8 meters or more. Species are included if they were known to reach such a height somewhere in its distribution area, even if the record did not originate from the study area.”

Last Updated: 18 December 2018