WORLDMAP Demonstration

To better illustrate our WORLDMAP plant mapping project, a version of the WORLDMAP software is available here for download, along with some sample datasets.

WORLDMAP was developed by Paul Williams of the Natural History Museum’s Biogeography and Conservation Lab.

WORLDMAP System Requirements:

  1. An IBM compatible computer (the faster the better) with mouse
  2. At least 32 Mb RAM
  3. Graphics resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels in 256 colours
  4. Microsoft(r) Windows 95(tm), Windows 98(tm), Windows NT(tm), Windows 2000(tm) or Windows XP(tm)

Files to Download

Installation files: WORLDMAP setup file (ZIP file)
Datasets: Moraea | Crotalatia | Tabernaemontana

Notes on Installing and Viewing the Datasets

After installing the WORLDMAP software, the datasets must be unzipped and placed in the Africa3 sub-directory created within the WORLDMAP installation directory.

The Datasets can then be viewed by running WORLDMAP through the “Africa” Icon created within the WORLDMAP program group and opening the dataset file

For those unfamiliar with WORLDMAP, A tutorial is provided by running WORLDMAP though the “WORLDMAP IV” icon and selecting the “Continue with help” button.

Last Updated: 18 December 2018