Journal Articles

  • Adhikari, B., Williams, F., Lovett, J.C. 2007. Local benefits from community forests in the middle hills of Nepal. Forest Policy and Economics 9: 464-478.
  • Burgess, N.D., Butynski, T.M., Cordeiro, N.J., Doggart, N.H., Fjeldsá, J., Howell, K.M., Kilahama, F.B., Loader, S.P., Lovett, J.C., Mbilinyi, B., Menegon, M., Moyer, D.C., Nashanda, E., Perkin, A, Rovero, F., Stanley, W.T., Stuart, S.N. 2007. The biological importance of the eastern arc mountains of Tanzania and Kenya. Biological Conservation 134: 209-231.
  • Quinn, C.H., Huby, M., Kiwasila, H., Lovett, J.C. 2007. Design principles and common pool resource management: an institutional approach to evaluating community management in semi-arid Tanzania. Journal of Environmental Management 84: 100-113.

Books and book chapters

  • Carter, N. 2007. The Politics of the Environment: Ideas, Activism, Policy, 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press.
  • Carter, N. and Mol, A. 2007. Environmental Governance in China, London: Routledge.

Professional reports and policy briefs

  • Carter, N. and Ockwell, D. 2007. New Labour, New Environment? An Analysis of the Labour Government’s Policy on Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss – Report commissioned by Friends of the Earth. Full text available HERE
  • Huby, M. and Bradshaw, J. 2007. A Review of the Environmental Dimension of Children and Young People’s Well-Being,
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