2003 and older

Journal Articles

  • La Ferla, B., Taplin, J., Ockwell, D., & Lovett, J. C. 2002. Continental Scale Patterns of Biodiversity: can higher taxa accurately predict African plant distributions? Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 138(2): 225-235.

Professional reports and policy briefs

  • Decoupling Natural Resource use from Economic Growth for the European Commission, 2003 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • A Growing Resource. Forestry and Woodland in the West Midlands for the Forestry Commission, Countryside Agency and Advantage West Midlands, 2003 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • North West Woodland and Forest Industries Strategic Study and Action Plan for the Forestry Commission, Countryside Agency and the Northwest Development Agency, 2003 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for REACT (Regeneration through Environmental ACTion) for the Countryside Agency, 2003 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • Environmental Action Plan for Transport for London, 2003 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • Regional Sustainability Indicators for Yorkshire Forward, 2003 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • Sustainability Appraisal of Proposed Tourism Infrastructure Changes for Yorkshire Forward, 2003 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • Affordable Rural Housing: Opportunities for Farmers and Landowners (see (D.G. Ockwell)
  • Affordable Rural Housing: An opportunity for business for Business in the Community, Housing Corporation, Countryside Agency and Country Land and Business Association, 2003 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Low Flow Alleviation for the Environment Agency, 2003 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • Industry-level economic and social sustainability indicators for the UK water industry for UKWIR (UK Water Industries Research), 2002 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • Potential project based entry to the UK Emissions Trading Scheme for Scottish Water, 2002 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • Regulatory Impact Assessment of the European Radioactive Discharges Strategy for the Scottish Executive, 2002 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • Recommendations on approaches to sustainability reporting for National Grid, 2002 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • Hazardous Waste Regulations Sector Prioritisation for the Environment Agency, 2002 (D.G. Ockwell)
  • Availability and pricing of low sulphur marine fuel for the European Commission, 2002 (D.G. Ockwell)
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